A Study on the Volcanic Ash Damage Sector Selection based on the Analysis of Overseas Cases and Domestic Spatial Information

해외 사례 분석과 국내 공간정보 분석을 통한 화산재 피해 분야 선정

Han, Hyeon-gyeong;Baek, Won-kyung;Jung, Hyung-sup;Kim, Miri;Lee, Moungjin

  • Received : 2019.10.18
  • Accepted : 2019.10.23
  • Published : 2019.10.31


Mt. Baekdu, Mt. Aso, Mt. Sakurajima, Mt. Kikai and etc are distributed around the Korean Peninsula. Recently signs of eruption of Mt. Baekdu are increasing, raising concerns over possible damage to volcanic ash from seasonal winds during the winter eruption. Therefore, detailed procedures for investigation and countermeasures for volcanic ash spread and damage are required. But the standards for the warning and alarm signal of volcanic ash presented by Korea Ministry of Government Legislation are vague, with "when damage is expected" and "when serious damage is expected". In this study, to analyze the damage threshold and to apply the cases of overseas damage to the country, a survey was conducted on the establishment of domestic spatial information by public institutions with public confidence. As a result of the investigation of damage from volcanic ash overseas, the details of the damage cases were different depending on the type of life or income sources of each country. Therefore, instead of applying the volcanic ash damage cases abroad in Korea, spatial information analysis was performed to reflect domestic social and natural characteristics. In addition, we selected the areas to be considered in the event of volcanic ash damage in Korea. Finally, domestic volcanic ash damages should be classified as health, residential, road, railroad, aviation, power, water, agriculture, livestock, forest, and soil. When establishing the volcanic ash alarm optimized for Korea in the future, overseas volcanic ash damage cases and domestic spatial information construction in this study will be helpful in policy establishment.


volcanic ash;warning;ash damage;spatial information;damage probability


Grant : 지진.지진해일.화산감시 및 예측기술 개발

Supported by : 한국환경정책.평가연구원