A Review of Change Detection Techniques using Multi-temporal Synthetic Aperture Radar Images

다중시기 위성 레이더 영상을 활용한 변화탐지 기술 리뷰

Baek, Won-Kyung;Jung, Hyung-Sup

  • Received : 2019.10.04
  • Accepted : 2019.10.18
  • Published : 2019.10.31


Information of target changes in inaccessible areas is very important in terms of national security. Fast and accurate change detection of targets is very important to respond quickly. Spaceborne synthetic aperture radar can acquire images with high accuracy regardless of weather conditions and solar altitude. With the recent increase in the number of SAR satellites, it is possible to acquire images with less than one day temporal resolution for the same area. This advantage greatly increases the availability of change detection for inaccessible areas. Commonly available information in satellite SAR is amplitude and phase information, and change detection techniques have been developed based on each technology. Those are amplitude Change Detection (ACD), Coherence Change Detection (CCD). Each algorithm differs in the preprocessing process for accurate automatic classification technique according to the difference of information characteristics and the final detection result of each algorithm. Therefore, by analyzing the academic research trends for ACD and CCD, each technologies can be complemented. The goal of this paper is identifying current issues of SAR change detection techniques by collecting research papers. This study would help to find the prerequisites for SAR change detection and use it to conduct periodic detection research on inaccessible areas.


Change detection;Synthetic Aperture Radar


Grant : 국토위성정보 수집 및 활용기술개발

Supported by : 국토교통부