Occurrence and Vertical Distribution of Meloidogyne incognita in Chinese Yam (Dioscorea batatas)

마 재배지의 뿌리혹선충의 발생 실태 및 수직 분포

Kwon, Giyoon;Kang, Heonil;Seo, Jongmin;Yun, Eulsoo;Park, Namsook;Choi, Insoo

  • Received : 2019.08.08
  • Accepted : 2019.08.29
  • Published : 2019.09.30


The study was conducted to investigate the infestation and distribution of plant-parasitic nematodes on Chinese yam (Dioscorea batatas) in Andong, Korea. Root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne incognita was the most prevalent nematode species which is found from 43 yam fields (81.1%) with high population densities (average of 450 juveniles/$300cm^3$). Other nematodes, root-lesion nematode (Pratylenchus spp.) and pin nematode (Paratylenchus spp.) were less problematic. Density of juveniles (J2) of M. incognita was $10\;J2/300cm^3$ by August, then increased to 274 in September and 624 in October. The highest J2 density was found at the soil depth between 40 and 50 cm ($1,840\;J2/300cm^3$). M. incognita was able to infest yam tuber down to a depth of 70 cm and developed galls outside and brown spots inside. The highest number of females were found at 40-50 cm (79 females/10 cm piece) tuber from the top.


Chinese yam;Dioscorea batatas;Meloidogyne incognita;root-knot nematodes;vertical distribution


Grant : Cooperative Research Program for Agriculture Science and Technology Department

Supported by : Rural Development Administration