Mobile Payment and Operation System for the Local Area Festival

지역 기반 문화축제를 위한 모바일 결제 및 운영 시스템

  • 박기웅 (한국기술교육대학교 산업경영학부) ;
  • 이재원 (한국기술교육대학교 산업경영학부)
  • Received : 2019.07.26
  • Accepted : 2019.08.26
  • Published : 2019.09.28


Local area festivals have grown on a scale for the past 20 years, but have suffered ups and downs. Through the trial and error of the festival operation, problems such as prediction of the number of visitors, planning of event scale, calculation and expansion of sales volume, and management of various participants in the duration were highlighted. To solve, this study designed and developed a mobile payment system and festival operation management system for local scale festivals as a platform operating system of web and app combined. The results of this study presents four basic functions. It includes ticketing management, attendance identification and entrance control, charge of festival currency and use of payments, real-time provision and management of related information, and performance reporting for each role. It was applied to local festivals in practice as to enable local shop owners to participate in advertisements or sponsorships and confirmed their contribution to local commercial market and the revitalization of festivals through this system.


Supported by : 한국기술교육대학교


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