Water Sorption/Desorption Kinetics and Convective Drying of Eucalyptus globulus Wood

AMER, Mahyoub;KABOUCHI, Bousselham;El ALAMI, Salah;AZIZE, Brahim;RAHOUTI, Mohamed;FAMIRI, Abderrahim;FIDAH, Abdelwahed

  • Received : 2019.04.05
  • Accepted : 2019.08.10
  • Published : 2019.09.25


Radial and tangential water diffusion in Eucalyptus globulus wood was investigated using three mature trees from a forest in Khemis Sahel (North Morocco). Absorption and desorption kinetics experiments were conducted at ambient temperature ($25^{\circ}C$) and $30^{\circ}C$, respectively, and a relative humidity of 60%. The diffusion coefficients in the two directions were determined under imposed hygrothermal conditions; they were greater in the radial direction for the absorption as well as desorption processes. Convective drying under load, preceded by reconditioning and followed up by balancing, revealed the drying conditions that corresponded to the appropriate drying schedules for E. globulus wood. This was verified by measuring the cracks and bowsbefore and after drying of boards.


wood;Eucalyptus globulus;absorption kinetic;desorption kinetic;diffusion coefficient;convective drying