Development of Impact Factor Response Spectrum with Tri-Axle Moving Loads and Investigation of Response Factor of Middle-Small Size-RC Slab Aged Bridges

3축 이동하중을 고려한 충격계수 응답스펙트럼 개발 및 중소규모 RC 슬래브 노후교량 응답계수 분석

Kim, Taehyeon;Hong, Sanghyun;Park, Kyung-Hoon;Roh, Hwasung

  • Received : 2018.11.21
  • Accepted : 2019.01.22
  • Published : 2019.03.01


In this paper the response factor is investigated for middle and small size-RC slab aged bridges. The response factor consists of static and dynamic response factors and is a main parameter in the frequency based-bridge load carrying capacity prediction model. Static and dynamic response factors are determined based on the frequency variation and the impact factor variation respectively between current and previous (or design) states of bridges. Here, the impact factor variation is figured out using the impact factor response spectrum which provides the impact factor according to the natural frequency of bridges. In this study, four actual RC slab bridges aged over 30 years after construction are considered and their span length is 12m. The dynamic loading test in field using a dump truck and eigenvalue analysis with FE models are conducted to identify the current and previous (or design) state-natural frequencies of the bridges, respectively. For more realistic considerations in the moving loading situation, the impact factor response spectrum is developed based on tri-axle moving loads representing the dump truck load distribution and various supporting conditions such as simply supported and both ends fixed conditions. From the results, the response factor is widely ranged from 0.21to 0.91, showing that the static response factor contributes significantly on the results while the dynamic response factor has a small effect on the result. Compared to the results obtained from the impact factor response spectrum based on the single axle-simply supported condition, the maximum percentage difference of the response factors is below 3.2% only.


Middle-Small Size RC Slab Aged Bridges;Response Factor;Moving Loads;Impact Factor Response Spectrum


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