Efficiency Analysis for Certified Integrated Logistics Warehousing firms Using DEA

DEA를 이용한 종합물류인증기업의 효율성 분석 : 물류창고업종을 중심으로

Kang, Da-Yeon;Lee, Ki-Se

  • Received : 2019.04.24
  • Accepted : 2019.06.14
  • Published : 2019.08.31


The trade volume of Northeast Asian countries is increasing and with the advent of the 4th revolutionary era, minimizing the logistics costs of firm is becoming an important competitive factor. With respect to this, in 2006, the government introduced a certified Integrated logistics firm system to improve the competitiveness of local logistics firms and reduce the logistics costs of firms. They argued that the certified Integrated logistics firm system increased the reliability of logistics firms and increased the efficiency of the logistics industry. On the other side, they argue that the system puts a burden on firms and becomes a big business-oriented market consolidation. This study analyzed the efficiency of Warehousing firms using DEA model. The CCR, BBC efficiency and RTS (return to scale) of 15 Warehousing firms were evaluated. This study also suggested the Warehousing firms which can be benchmarked based on analyzed information.


Logistics Costs;Certified Integrated Logistics Firms;Warehousing Firms;DEA;Efficiency