The Development of 1G-PON Reach Extender based on Wavelength Division Multiplexing for Reduction of Optical Core

국사 광역화와 광코어 절감을 위한 파장분할다중 기반의 1기가급 수동 광가입자망 Reach Extender 효율 극대화 기술 개발

  • Lee, Kyu-Man (Department of Enterprise Software, Konyang University) ;
  • Kwon, Taek-Won (Department of Convergence Information Technology, Konyang University)
  • 이규만 (건양대학교 기업소프트웨어학부) ;
  • 권택원 (건양대학교 융합IT학과)
  • Received : 2019.05.27
  • Accepted : 2019.08.20
  • Published : 2019.08.28


As the demand for broadband multimedia including the Internet explosively increases, the advancement of the subscriber network is becoming the biggest issue in the telecommunication industry due to the surge of data traffic caused by the emergence of new services such as smart phone, IPTV, VoIP, VOD and cloud services. In this paper, we have developed WDM(Wavelength Division Multiplexing)-PON(passive optical network) based on the 1-Gigabit Reach Externder (RE) technique to reduce optical core. Particularly, in order to strengthen the market competitiveness, we considered low cost, miniaturization, integration technique, and low power of optical parts. In addition, we have developed a batch system by integrating all techniques for reliability, remote management through the development of transmission distance extension and development of capacity increase of optical line by using RE technology in existing PON network. Based on system interworking with existing commercial 1G PON devices, it can be worthy of achievement of wide nationalization and optical core reduction by using this developed system. Based on these results, we are studying development of 10G PON technology.


PON(passive optical network);WDM(wavelength division multiplexing);Optical core reduction;Broadening national history;Reach Extender


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