Improvement in emergency medical technician-basic training program : a review of the status of training institutions and designation criteria

2급 응급구조사 양성과정 개선방안 연구 : 양성기관 현황 및 지정기준 검토

Lee, Nam-Jong;Shin, Dong-Min;Kim, Byung-Woo;Park, Si-Eun;Yoo, Eun-Ji;Yoon, Byoung-Gil;Yun, Seong-Woo;Yun, Hyeong-Wan;Lee, Kyoung-Youl;Choi, Jae-Woong;Hwang, Sung-Hoon

  • Received : 2019.07.12
  • Accepted : 2019.08.18
  • Published : 2019.08.31


Purpose: To discuss the records and legal standards of emergency medical technician training institutions in Korea and abroad, to identify the problems, and to provide the basic resources for improving the EMT-basic training institutions. Methods: We received advice through an advisory meeting of experts (professors of department of emergency medical technicians) and interested parties (Korean Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, officials of emergency medical technician training institutions) and referred to various reports published by governments, official institutions, and other trustworthy organizations. Also, we communicated with the related experts abroad (3 countries) on the phone or by email for surveys. Results: Compared to the abroad, it is necessary to categorize the standards and procedures of designating the emergency medical technician training institutions in Korea and improve the management of training institutions to train competent emergency medical technicians. Conclusion: It is necessary to designate and manage continuously the emergency medical technician-basic training programs for the systematic primary healthcare service.


EMT-basic;Training program;Institution;Designation criteria


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