Development of a Plasma Heater to Increase Cultivation Environment and Storability of Greenhouse and Non-Storage Pool

온실과 무가온저장고의 재배환경 및 저장성 증가를 위한 플라즈마 히터 개발

  • Kim, Eung-Kon (Dept. of Computer Engineering, Sunchon National University)
  • 김응곤 (순천대학교 컴퓨터공학과)
  • Received : 2019.07.21
  • Accepted : 2019.08.15
  • Published : 2019.08.31


In this paper, the aim is to develop plasma heater products combining the sterilization and purification functions of low-temperature plasma lamp method with the function of vertical heating system using wavelengths of vacuum magnetic (VU). Through this process, the government aims to improve the cultivation environment of crops in greenhouses or facility houses and to increase their storage capacity by increasing the freshness of stored crops such as free-temperature storage. In addition, real-time monitoring technologies will be incorporated that will enable users to identify and respond to changes within greenhouses in real time by utilizing ICT technologies.

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그림 1. 플라즈마 램프 설계 개략도 (용량 30~50평) Fig. 1 plasma lamp design conduction (Capacity 99~165 m2)

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그림 2. 플라즈마 램프 설계 개략도 (용량 60~100평) Fig. 2 plasma lamp design conduction (Capacity 198~330m2 )

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그림 3. 벨라스터 설계 개략도 Fig.3 Bellastar design schematic

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그림 4. 히터부 Fig. 4 Heater part

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그림 5. 히터부 조립 Fig. 5 Assembly of heater

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그림 6. 방습방진형 모터 Fig. 6 Damp-proof vibration-proof motor

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그림 7. 면상 카트리지 히터 시스템 Fig. 7 Planar cartridge heater system

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그림 8. 제어 시스템 회로설계도 Fig. 8 Control system circuit diagram

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그림 9. 제어 시스템 블럭도 Fig. 9 Control system block diagram

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그림 10. 동절기, 하절기의 추가 모드 선정 Fig. 10 Selection of additional mode for winter season and summer season

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그림 11. 제어 시스템 외관 디자인 Fig. 11 Control system exterior design

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그림 12. 제어 시스템 하드웨어 구성도 Fig. 12 Test PCB module layout

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그림 13. 시험용 PCB 모듈 설계도 Fig. 13 Test PCB module layout

표 1. 플라즈마 램프와 벨라스터의 개발 스펙 Table 1. Development specifications of plasma lamp and bellastar

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표 2. 유해물질 살균력 테스트 시험 예정 항목 Table 2. Test item for hazardous substance sterilization test

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Supported by : 농림식품기술기획평가원


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