Kinetic Energy Rate of the Rain Drops Based on the Impact Signal Analysis

충격 신호 분석에 기반한 우적의 운동 에너지율

  • Received : 2019.07.10
  • Accepted : 2019.08.15
  • Published : 2019.08.31


The erosive potential of precipitation can be evaluated by the kinetic energy transferred to the soil by the impact of the rain drop. A kinetic energy rate of the rain drops was estimated by the disdrometer classifying impact signals. This equation in the form of power presented an adjustment measure between the rain rate and rainfall quantity of 97% and 95% for continental and maritime rains, respectively. The exponent of the power equation, initially, shows no dependence on the type of rainfall. However, the multiplicative factor presented variation, which can be adjusted according to rainfall events. This equation was validated by the coefficient of determination, the average absolute error and the confidence error. The kinetic energy of precipitation, associated to certain types of soil, will allow the determination of the potential of the erosion caused by the rains.

지표면 침식 잠재력은 비가 내린 영향으로 토양에 전달 된 운동 에너지로 평가할 수 있다. 충격 신호를 분석할 수 있는 디즈드로미터로 우적 에너지율 관계식을 산출하였다. 대륙 강수의 97%와 해양 강수의 95%가 강우량과 강우율의 관계로 이루어진 이 지수 방정식으로 설명되었다. 이 관계식의 지수는 강우 유형에 의존하지 않지만 계수는 강우 사건에 따라 조정될 수 있는 변동을 나타냈다. 이 관계식은 결정 계수, 평균 절대 오차 및 신뢰 오차에 의해 검증되었다. 특정 유형의 토양과 관련된 강수의 운동 에너지는 강우로 인한 침식의 가능성을 결정할 수 있다.


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Fig. 1. Distribution of rainfall drop size according to the origin (maritime or continental) and classes of R (D = Diameter and R = rainfall).

KCTSAD_2019_v14n4_743_f0002.png 이미지

Fig. 2. Total number of drops (NT) and precipitation rate (R).

Table 1. Static characteristics of rainfall.

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Table 2. Values A and b of the equations. Power for systems of rainfall production of the marine and continental type.

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Table 3. Relative error of the power equation analysis in different classes of rain intensity to determine the approximate value of the kinetic energy rate for the continental type rainfall.

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Table 4. Relative error of the power equation analysis in different classes of rain intensity to determine the approximate value of the kinetic energy rate for the maritime type rainfall.

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