Analysis on Building and Monetization of Solar Power Generation Complex through Rental of Private and Institutional Idle Space

민간 및 기관 소유 유휴공간 임차를 통한 태양광발전단지 구축 및 수익화 분석

  • 서태원 ((주)티앤테크) ;
  • 우제택 (대전대학교 컴퓨터공학과) ;
  • 이재환 (송호대학교 문화콘텐츠융합ICT과)
  • Received : 2019.06.07
  • Accepted : 2019.08.15
  • Published : 2019.08.31


This paper studies on the optimum design space of solar power plant, application of efficiency improvement facility using various examples, lack of power cost, lack of land development and difficulty of permission. We analyze economic factors and profitability by deriving analysis factors according to the conditions of construction examples and variables by applying efficient facilities that can utilize idle space of individuals and public more efficiently through various cases.

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그림 1. 세계 태양광 시장 성장률(IHS) Fig. 1 World solar market growth rate(IHS)

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그림 2. 태양광발전의 기술적 원리 Fig. 2 The technical principle of photovoltaic power generation

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그림 3. 태양광 기반 발전시스템 개념도 Fig. 3 Concept map of photovoltaic power generation system

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그림 4. 지역별 일일 평균 발전 시간 Fig. 4 Average daily power generration time by region

표 1. 태양광 기반 발전시스템 개념도 Table 1. Photovoltaic power generation system concept map

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표 2. 분석대상 시설현황 Table 2. Facilities subject to analysis

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표 3. 경제성 분석 결과(태양광발전사업자) Table 3. Economic analysis result (solar power generation company)

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표 4. FCF 상세내역(태양광발전사업자) Table 4. Details of FCF (solar power generation company)

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표 5. 매매가격 민감도 분석 결과(단위:천원) Table 5. Trading Price Sensitivity Analysis Results

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표 6. 매출액(SMP) 변동과 민감도 분석(단위:천원) Table 6. Sales (SMP) fluctuation and sensitivity analysis

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