A Three-layered Optical Waveguide of Second-order Orbital Angular Momentum Mode Guiding for Photonic Integrated Circuit

3층 구조를 가지는 광 집적회로용 2차 궤도 각운동량 광 도파로

  • 이인준 (아주대학교 전자공학과) ;
  • 김상인 (아주대학교 전자공학과)
  • Received : 2019.06.19
  • Accepted : 2019.08.15
  • Published : 2019.08.31


In this paper, a specifically designed waveguide structure that can carry first, and second-order orbital angular momentum(: OAM) mode is proposed. The proposed optical waveguide consists of three Si stripes embedded in $SiO_2$, which is suitable for implementing on-chip integration and fabrication by standard thin film deposition and etching processes. The second-order OAM mode was generated by combining two eigenmodes, which are calculated by finite difference method(: FDM). The topological charge number of the first, and second-order OAM mode was calculated as l=0.9642 and 1.8766 respectively, which is close to the theoretical value.

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그림 1. HG10, HG01 모드의 합성을 통한 1차 OAM 모드 생성 Fig. 1 Generation of OAMl=1 by combining HG10, and HG01 mode

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그림 2. 2차 OAM 모드 생성 개념도 Fig. 2 Conceptual diagram of OAMl=2 mode generation

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그림 3. 1, 2차 OAM 모드 전송을 위한 광 도파로 구조 Fig. 3 Waveguide structure for guiding OAMl=1,2 mode

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그림 4. 유한차분법으로 계산한 시뮬레이션 결과 (a) HG01모드의 |Ex| 분포 (b) HG10 모드의 |Ex| 분포 (c) HG01 모드의 x성분 위상분포 (d) HG10 모드의 x성분 위상분포 Fig. 4 FDM simulation results of |Ex| distribution of (a) HG01 mode (b) HG10 mode; x-component phase distribution of (c) HG01 mode (d) HG10 mode

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그림 5. 유한차분법으로 계산한 시뮬레이션 결과 (a) LGsin2Φ 모드의 |Ex| 분포 (b) LGcos2Φ 모드의 |Ex| 분포 (c) LGsin2Φ 모드의 x성분 위상분포 (d) LGcos2Φ 모드의 x성분 위상분포 Fig. 5 FDM simulation results of |Ex| distribution of (a) LGsin2Φ mode (b) LGcos2Φ mode; x-component phase distribution of (c) LGsin2Φ mode (d) LGcos2Φ mode

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그림 6. 최종적으로 생성된 OAM 모드. 1차 OAM의 모드의 (a) |Ex| 분포 (b) x성분 위상분포. 2차 OAM 모드의 (c) |Ex| 분포 (d) x성분 위상분포 Fig. 6 Generated OAM mode (a) |Ex| distribution (b) x-component phase distribution of l=1 OAM mode; (c) |Ex| distribution (d) x-component phase distribution of l=2 OAM mode

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그림 7. LP 모드의 빔 웨이스트에 따른 OAM 모드와의 중첩적분 Fig. 7 Overlap integrals between LP mode and OAM mode at different beam waists


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