Science and Technology Innovation Policy for Solving Social Problems in Korea: Transformative Innovation Policy Perspective

'전환적 혁신정책'의 관점에서 본 사회문제 해결형 R&D정책: '제2차 과학기술기반 사회문제 해결 종합계획'을 중심으로

  • Received : 2019.05.25
  • Accepted : 2019.07.05
  • Published : 2019.07.31


This research examines the characteristics of the newly emerging 'transformative innovation policy' and discusses the current status and issues of the Korean social problem solving R & D policy. Transformative innovation policy is a new paradigm that aims to transform socio-technical systems to address societal challenges. In this study, we analyzed 'the policy plan for solving social problems based on science and technology'. In the "Policy Plan", efforts are being made to establish new direction of science and technological innovation activities such as emphasis on social values, network formation of innovation actors, and spreading of social impact. But in this "Policy Plan", the perspective of transformative innovation policy is weakly reflected. The Policy Plan refers to system improvement that adds new elements to existing system, but it is not discussing system transformation. In order to develop social problem solving R & D policy from the viewpoint of the transformative innovation policy, it is necessary to construct the innovation platform deliberating vision and prospect for the socio-technical transformation.


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