Analysis of the Inquiry Tendency of the Higher-level Middle School 1 Chemistry Textbooks of Kim Jong-Un Era in North Korea

북한 김정은 시대의 고급중학교 1 화학 교과서의 탐구 경향성 분석

Park, HyunJu;Kwon, JiYoon

  • Received : 2019.02.05
  • Accepted : 2019.04.29
  • Published : 2019.08.20


The purpose of this study was to investigate the inquiry tendency of North Korean chemistry textbook by Romey's method. We analyzed the inquiry tendencies of texts, figures, questions, activities, and summaries by Romey's method. And the following results were compared with those of previous South Korean studies, which method was the same. The 20,017 texts, 541 figures, 140 questions, 243 activities, and 25 summaries in 5 chapters of chemistry textbook of the Higher-level middle school 1 in the Kim Jong-Un Era were analyzed. Results were as follows: texts were authoritarian tendency, figures were authoritarian tendency, questions were excessive inquiry tendency, activities were inquiry tendency, and chapter summaries were drastic authoritarian tendency. The inquiry tendency of North Korean chemistry textbook in higherlevel middle school showed similar tendencies as the textbooks of South Korean chemistry I textbook in the 6th National Science Curriculum. The results of this study are expected to be utilized as basic information and data to understand the inquiry teaching that North Korea science education is aiming at.


Chemistry Textbook;Romey's analysis;Inquiry tendency;Higher-level Middle School;North Korea Kim Jong-Un Era