A Study on the New Development for Determination of Dead Time in GC-OTC/FID

GC-OTC/FID에서 Dead Time 결정을 위한 새로운 방법 개발에 대한 연구

Oh, Doe Seok;Kim, Sung Wha;Ko, Eun Ah;Jeon, Hyung Woo

  • Received : 2018.12.06
  • Accepted : 2019.05.18
  • Published : 2019.08.20


In the system of GC-OTC/FID (Gas chromatography-Open Tubular Column/Flame Ionization Detector), DMSO (Dimethyl sulfide) solvent was used to separate the polar solvents (Alcohols). In this system DMSO was eluted later than the separated polar solvents. At this system to calculate chromatographic factors [adjusted retention time ($t_R^{\prime}=t_R-t_O$), capacity factor{$k^{\prime}=(t_R-t_O)/t_O$} and separation factor {${\alpha}=(t_{R2}-t_O)/(t_{R1}-t_O)$}], dead time($t_O$) is necessary, but the method to calculate it has not been reported yet. Therefore, we have tried to develop $t_O$. To calculate $t_O$, we conversed DMSO retention time (DMSO $t_R$) to logarithm ($f(x)={\log}\;t_{R(DMSO)}{\rightarrow}t_O$, $t_O={\log}$ 9.551=0.980). To confirm the optimization of the developed method, we compared with $CH_4\;t_R$ and ${\ln}\;t_{R(DMSO)}$. Both of the values calculated by $CH_4\;t_R$ and ${\ln}\;t_{R(DMSO)}$ were not suitable in the calculation k' and ${\alpha}$. The developed method in this study{${\log}\;t_{R(DMSO)}$} has satisfied both of the values k' criteria (1${\alpha}(1<{\alpha}<2)$. The developed calculation method in this study was easy and convenient, therefore it can be expected to be applied to these similar systems.


Chromatographic factors;Dead time ($t_O$);DMSO;Logarithm