Trends of Study on Sasang Constitution and Eating Habits in Recent 20 Years

사상체질과 식습관 특성에 따른 연구 동향

Jeong, Kyoung Sik;Lee, Si Woo;Baek, Young Hwa

  • Received : 2019.05.17
  • Accepted : 2019.06.24
  • Published : 2019.06.30


Background Sasang constitutional medicine explains that the difference in eating habits depending on constitutional characteristics affects health status. The aim of the present study is to investigate research trend on Sasang constitution (SC) and eating habits. Method Research papers from 2010 to 2019 on SC and eating habits were searched in domestic and international 5 databases. As a result, 11 clinical studies related to the SC and eating habits were finally selected. From the finally selected research papers, subjects, study period, constitutional diagnostic tools used for studies, and eating habit evaluation tools were investigated. Results In a total of 11 research papers conducted as clinical studies regarding SC and eating habits for the recent 20 years, eating speed and meal size items were most frequently used, followed by the regularity of meals, unbalanced diets, breakfast. Taeumin was more likely to eat fast, eat a lot of food, or overeat while Soeumin was less likely to overeat or they eat less food. There was no significant difference in the regularity of meals depending on constitution, but each study showed different tendency. Conclusion This study closely reviewed Sasang constitutional eating habit items from the precedent studies to select the major items of eating habits as a constitutional health management index. The results of this study will contribute to selections of items and the development of tools to measure constitutional eating habits related to health status.


Sasang Constitutional medicine;Sasang Constitution;eating habits;Review


Grant : 한의 유전체 역학 인프라 구축

Supported by : 한국한의학연구원