A Study on Site Evaluation Process for Thalassotherapy Complex

해양치유단지 조성을 위한 입지평가프로세스에 관한 연구

Lee, Han-Seok;Doe, Guen-Young;Kang, Young-Hun

  • Received : 2019.02.07
  • Accepted : 2019.05.27
  • Published : 2019.06.30


The objective of this study is to suggest the evaluation method, the evaluation index and items, and evaluation criteria for rational and systematic evaluation of the thalassotherapy complex site. Evaluation items and indicators are determined based on overseas cases of thalassotherapy complex, the central governments' thalassotherapy business policy, and the local governments business plan. 3 major evaluation items, 8 middle evaluation items, 5 small evaluation items and 26 evaluation indexes are selected as evaluation items. The evaluation criterion for each evaluation index is then determined. As per the evaluation process, first, weights are assigned to the evaluation items by an evaluation committee composed of experts. Secondly, each committee member assigns a weight and a score to each evaluation indicator for evaluation score calculation. This score is then multiplied by the weight of the evaluation item to determine the final score for each evaluation index. The ultimate scores of all the evaluation indexes are then added to the evaluation score of each committee member. Lastly, the arithmetic mean of the evaluation scores of all committee members becomes the final evaluation result of a site.


Thalassotherapy Complex;Site Evaluation;Evaluation Method;Evaluation Index;Evaluation Process


Grant : 해양산업 활성화를 위한 해양치유 가능자원 발굴 및 실용화 기반 연구

Supported by : 해양수산과학기술진흥원