Enhancement of Respiratory Protective and Therapeutic Effect of Salvia plebeia R. Br. Extracts in Combination with Korean Red Ginseng

배암차즈기와 홍삼 복합물의 호흡기 보호 및 질환 치료 상승 효과

Shin, Han Jae;Gwak, Hyo Min;Lee, Moon Yong;Kyung, Jong Su;Jang, Kyoung Hwa;Han, Chang Kyun;Yang, Won Kyung;Kim, Seung Hyung

  • Received : 2019.04.12
  • Accepted : 2019.06.04
  • Published : 2019.06.30


Background: We recently reported that Salvia plebeia R. Br. extracts suppress leukotriene production and effectively inhibit the airway inflammatory response by modulating inflammatory chemokine and cytokine expression. Here, we investigated the synergistic airway anti-inflammation effect of Salvia plebeia and Panax ginseng (Korean red ginseng, KRG) that has been used to treat various immune diseases such as asthma. Methods and Results: To evaluate the synergistic airway anti-inflammatory effect of Salvia plebeia and KRG, we measured the inhibitory effect of monotheraphy with either or co-theraphy with both on leukotriene and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production. Using coal a combustion, fly ash, and diesel exhaust particle (CFD)-induced respiratory disease mouse model, we found that co-theraphy synergistically suppressed airway inflammatory signs such as alveolar wall thickness and collagen fibers deposition, and decreased the number of total cell, $CD11b^+Gr-1^+$ cells, and inflammatory cytokines (IL17A, TNF, MIP-2 and CXCL-1) in bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid. Conclusions: We confirmed respiratory protection as a therapeutic effect of the Salbia plebeia-KRG 3 : 1 complex (KGC-03-PS) via anti-tracheal muscle contraction and expectorant animal studies using a CFD-induced respiratory disease mouse model.


Salvia plebeia R. Br.;Korean Red Ginseng (KRG);CFD-Induced Respiratory Disease Model;Airway Inflammation


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