Seed Germination Rate and Growth Characteristics according to Ripening Stages in Angelica acutiloba Kitagawa

일당귀의 등숙에 따른 종자 발아 및 생육 특성

Lee, Eun Song;An, Tae Jin;Kim, Yong Il;Park, Woo Tae;Lee, Jeong Hoon;Kim, Young Guk;Chang, Jae Ki;Oh, Myung Min

  • Received : 2019.03.19
  • Accepted : 2019.06.05
  • Published : 2019.06.30


Background: Angelica acutiloba Kitagawa belongs to the flowering plant family Apiaceae. Its young leaves are consumed as a vegetable, and its roots have medicinal properties. This study was conducted to analyze the seed germination characteristics of A. acutiloba according to its ripening stages. Methods and Results: The seeds were harvested from a research farm managed by the Department of Herbal Crop Research, Rural Development Administration in 2018 and were divided into six groups according to their specific gravities. In particular, we studied the effect of harvesting periods and umbel orders on seed characteristics. The results showed that the rates of germination, emergence, and early growth improved as the specific gravity of the seeds increased. In addition, the germination rates of the seeds harvested in mid July and early August were significantly higher than those harvested in the other seasons, and the seeds obtained from the first floret had the greatest mass and weight. Conclusions: In this study, we demonstrated that it is possible to improve the germination rate by appropriate selection of seeds and harvesting period both of which are closely related to seed maturity.


Angelica acutiloba Kitagawa;Ripening Stages;Seed Germination;Seed Harvesting Day;Umbel Orders


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