Impact of Lambertian Cloud Top Pressure Error on Ozone Profile Retrieval Using OMI

램버시안 구름 모델의 운정기압 오차가 OMI 오존 프로파일 산출에 미치는 영향

Nam, Hyeonshik;Kim, Jae Hawn;Shin, Daegeun;Baek, Kanghyun

  • Received : 2019.03.20
  • Accepted : 2019.05.27
  • Published : 2019.06.30


Lambertian cloud model (Lambertian Cloud Model) is the simplified cloud model which is used to effectively retrieve the vertical ozone distribution of the atmosphere where the clouds exist. By using the Lambertian cloud model, the optical characteristics of clouds required for radiative transfer simulation are parametrized by Optical Centroid Cloud Pressure (OCCP) and Effective Cloud Fraction (ECF), and the accuracy of each parameter greatly affects the radiation simulation accuracy. However, it is very difficult to generalize the vertical ozone error due to the OCCP error because it varies depending on the radiation environment and algorithm setting. In addition, it is also difficult to analyze the effect of OCCP error because it is mixed with other errors that occur in the vertical ozone calculation process. This study analyzed the ozone retrieval error due to OCCP error using two methods. First, we simulated the impact of OCCP error on ozone retrieval based on Optimal Estimation. Using LIDORT radiation model, the radiation error due to the OCCP error is calculated. In order to convert the radiation error to the ozone calculation error, the radiation error is assigned to the conversion equation of the optimal estimation method. The results show that when the OCCP error occurs by 100 hPa, the total ozone is overestimated by 2.7%. Second, a case analysis is carried out to find the ozone retrieval error due to OCCP error. For the case analysis, the ozone retrieval error is simulated assuming OCCP error and compared with the ozone error in the case of PROFOZ 2005-2006, an OMI ozone profile product. In order to define the ozone error in the case, we assumed an ideal assumption. Considering albedo, and the horizontal change of ozone for satisfying the assumption, the 49 cases are selected. As a result, 27 out of 49 cases(about 55%)showed a correlation of 0.5 or more. This result show that the error of OCCP has a significant influence on the accuracy of ozone profile calculation.


Ozone;Ozone Profile;Radiative Transfer Model;Cloud Parameter


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