Measurement and Evaluation of the Construction Safety Sign Panel Using Colorimeter

측색기를 활용한 건설안전표지의 측색과 평가

Chung, Chul-Woo;Lee, Jae-Yong

  • Received : 2019.05.08
  • Accepted : 2019.05.21
  • Published : 2019.06.20


Safety sign panel has been used in construction sites to assure the safety of the workers. Such safety panel can be categorized as 4 different signals, such as prohibition, warning, indication, and information. Each of the categorized item must follow lawful which is specifically designated for its own purposes, on its color and the shape. However, the color and shape of the safety sign panels that have been used in construction sites are not found to follow the suggested lawful requirement, and such differences are originated from safety merchandise production company or vendor, and construction company. In this study, samples of safety sign panels were obtained from various construction sites in Republic of Korea then the colors of such samples were measured, analyzed, and compared. According to the results, colors of the safety sign panels were out of the lawful requirement due to the aging and surface contamination of the safety sign panel. Frequent maintenance on the safety sign panel is therefore necessary. In addition, steel panels that were used in the construction sites were found to be unsuitable to meet the lawful requirements. In order to the color requirements on safety sign panel, it is recommended for Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency to provide standard reference sample for each material used to produce safety sign panel, to distribute them to the producer and construction sites, and to supervise overall system.


safety;safety sign;color;colorimeter;CIE $L{\ast}a{\ast}b{\ast}$


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Supported by : Pukyong National University