Effects of konjac gel with vegetable powders as fat replacers in frankfurter-type sausage

Kim, Dong Hyun;Shin, Dong Min;Seo, Han Geuk;Han, Sung Gu

  • Received : 2018.10.16
  • Accepted : 2018.12.22
  • Published : 2019.08.01


Objective: The purpose of this study was to investigate whether addition of konjac gel with three different vegetable powders can increase quality of low-fat frankfurter-type sausage. Methods: Low-fat frankfurter-type sausages were manufactured with formulations containing konjac gel and three vegetable powders (aloe vera, cactus pear, or wheat sprout) as pork fat replacers. The formulations of frankfurters were as follows: NF (normal-fat; 20% pork fat), LF (low-fat; 10% pork fat), KG (low-fat; 10% pork fat+10% konjac gel), and konjac gel with three vegetable powders (KV), such as KV-AV (10% pork fat+10% konjac gel with aloe vera), KV-CP (10% pork fat+10% konjac gel with cactus pear), and KV-WS (10% pork fat+10% konjac gel with wheat sprout). Proximate analysis, pH value, color evaluation, cooking loss, water-holding capacity, emulsion stability, apparent viscosity, texture profile analysis, and sensory evaluation were determined. Results: The konjac gel containing groups showed lower fat content (p<0.05) and higher moisture content than NF group (p<0.05). The pH value of frankfurters was decreased in three KV groups (p<0.05). The three KV groups had increased dark color (p<0.05) compared with KG, and KV-CP had the highest redness (p<0.05). The water-holding capacity and emulsion stability were higher in the three KV groups than KG and LF (p<0.05). Cooking loss was generally decreased in the three KV groups, compared with KG (p<0.05). The apparent viscosity of KV groups was similar with NF group and overall texture properties were improved in KV-CP. In the sensory evaluation, the highest overall acceptability was found in KV-CP groups (p<0.05). Conclusion: The four fat replacers improved physicochemical properties of low-fat frankfurters. Particularly, konjac gel with cactus pear powder seems more acceptable as a pork fat replacer.


Low-fat Frankfurter;Fat Replacer;Konjac Gel;Cactus Pear;Aloe Vera;Wheat Sprout