Establishment of Accuracy Criteria of Flood Inundation Map Using Quantitative Evaluation Indices

정량적 평가 지표를 활용한 호우피해 예측지도의 정확도 판단기준 설정

Lee, Jin-Young;Kim, Dongkyun;Park, Kyung Woon;Kim, Tae-Woong

  • Received : 2018.11.26
  • Accepted : 2019.05.23
  • Published : 2019.06.01


It is important to estimate flood overflow because adverse weather phenomena are frequently occurring in recent years. In order to cope with such abnormal floods, it is essential to perform flood inundation simulations for constructing flood inundation maps as nonstructural countermeasures. However, there is no quantitative evaluation method and criterion for flood inundation prediction. In this study, the Receiver Operation Characteristics (ROC) and Lee Sallee Shape Index (LSSI) were employed to quantitatively evaluate the accuracy of flood inundation maps for 10 administrative districts. Comparing predicted inundation maps with actual inundation trace maps, the ROC score was 0.631 and the LSSI was 25.16 %. Using the ROC and the LSSI, we proposed an evaluation criterion for flood inundation map. The average score was set as an intermediate score and distributed into 5 intervals. The validity of the evaluation criterion was investigated by applying to the XP-SWMM model, which has been verified and corrected. The ROC analysis result was 0.8496 and the LSSI was 51.92 %. It is considered that the proposed evaluation criteria can be applied to flood inundation maps.


Accuracy criteria;Flood inundation map;ROC analysis;Lee Sallee Shape Index


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