A Study on the Change of Relation between Countries through Analysis of Portal News Articles: Focusing on the Czech Republic

포털 뉴스 기사 분석을 통한 국가 간 관계 변화 추이 연구 - 체코를 중심으로 -

Kim, Jinmook

  • Received : 2019.04.22
  • Accepted : 2019.05.16
  • Published : 2019.05.31


The purpose of the study is to examine the trend in the change of relation between countries (Czech and Korea) through analysis of portal new articles. In order to achieve the purpose, we analyzed news articles about Czech from 1990 to March 31st, 2019. We divided it into 6 periods by every 5 years, reviewed 200 news articles for each period totaling 1,200 news articles, and categorized them into 4 categories by subject (politics, economy, society and culture, and educations). The result of the study showed the subject of society and culture represented the largest proportion of all news articles. We also found that the range of changes in the sub-categories of society and culture occurred most extensively. We concluded the paper with several suggestions that could promote cooperation between Korea and Czech.


Naver News;Article Analysis;Czech;Change of Relations between Countries;Promoting Cooperation


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