A Study of Method for Spreading Kimchi Culture in European Countries Based on Local Food Culture - Survey of European Residents in Korea -

현지 식문화에 기반한 유럽권 김치 문화 확산 방안 연구 - 국내 체류 중인 유럽인을 대상으로 -

Kwon, Yong-min;Ko, Young-ju;Lee, Chang-hyeon;Park, Chae-Lin

  • Received : 2019.04.15
  • Accepted : 2019.04.26
  • Published : 2019.04.30


This study aims to establish a strategy for selling kimchi to satisfy the needs and wants of European consumers through survey, FGI, and IDI. All survey participants were Europeans and were selected on the basis of their kimchi awareness. For the quantitative survey, 246 participants 15 years or older were selected; for FGI, 33 participants aged between 20 and 49 were selected; and for IDI, eight chefs were selected. The survey included four steps of 'Awareness-First try-Needs-Future consumption'. The participants got to know kimchi through the Internet; for example, by visiting Korea and Hallyu, and suggested positive comments, including 'fancy' and 'exotic.' While satisfaction with kimchi sharply decreased due to taste and appearance in the first try of kimchi, it is important to provide the best first-try experience. It also showed that important needs for kimchi are 'hot sensation', 'crunchiness' and 'presentation'. They gave a negative answer to combination with traditional cuisines of their own country, but provided positive comments for benchmarking the use of traditional pickled foods. This study suggests that it may be necessary to implement a two-track strategy by the traditional kimchi as a 'strategic product' and localized kimchi as a 'key product'.


Kimchi culture;europe consumers;glocalization;quantitative and qualitative approach


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