Quality Properties of Soy-paste Soybean Cultivar for Fermented Soybean Products

장류용 콩 품종별 발효물의 품질 특성

Shin, Dong-Sun;Park, Chang Hwan;Choi, In Duck;Lee, Seuk Ki;Park, Ji Young;Kim, Nam Geol;Choi, Hye Sun

  • Received : 2019.03.01
  • Accepted : 2019.03.25
  • Published : 2019.04.30


This study evaluates the quality properties of soy-paste soybean cultivar for fermented soybean products. The six soybean varieties that include Jinpung, Saedanbaek, Daepung 2, Pyeongwon, Cheonga and Saeolkong were used in the experiment. The range of water uptake ratio, hardness after soaking and hardness after steaming were 117.00~131.33%, 1.65~3.30 kg and 0.05~0.14 kg, respectively. The physicochemical analysis indicated the following: Moisture content, 63.27~68.72%; pH, 6.43~6.60; total acidity, 0.27~0.45%. Color values for L value (lightness), a value (redness), and b value (yellowness) ranged from 39.07~67.92, 7.64~11.79, and 7.48~20.67, respectively. The amylase and protease activities of the Saedanbaek samples were the highest among all cultivars. The amount of viscous substance in the fermented soybean products by cultivars ranged from 5.93 to 8.37%, and Saedanbaek was the highest. The total viable cells counts for soybean fermented products were 9.11~9.42 log CFU/g. The amino-type nitrogen contents of all samples were in the range of 401.07 to 524.47 mg% and Saedanbaek cultivars showed the highest content (524.47 mg%). Based on the results, Saedanbaek will be suitable as a soy-paste soybean cultivar and the quality standards for the fermentation process of the fermented soybean products.


soybean cultivars;formented soybean;soybean;quality properties


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