Quality Improvement Method on Grammatical Errors of Information System Audit Report

정보시스템 감리보고서의 문법적 오류에 대한 품질 향상 방안

  • Received : 2019.01.29
  • Accepted : 2019.04.05
  • Published : 2019.04.30


Accomplishing information system, techniques, methodology have been studied continuously and give much help to auditors who are using them. Additionally audit report which is the conclusion of accomplishing ISA(information system audit), has law of a basis and phase with ITA/EA Law(Electronic Government Law). This paper is for better quality of ISA report. But it has more errors about sentence and Grammatical structures. In this paper, to achieve quality improvement objectives, it is necessary to recognize the importance of an audit report by investigating on objectives, functionality, structures and usability of a report firstly, and a legal basis, the presence of report next. Several types of audit reports were chosen and the reports errors were divided into several categories and analyzed. After grasping reasons of those errors, the methods for fixing those errors and check-lists model was provided. And based on that foundation, the effectiveness validation about real audit reports was performed. The necessity for efforts to improve the quality of audit reports was emphasized and further research subject(AI Automatic tool) of this paper conclusion. We also expect this paper to be useful for the organization to improve on ISA in the future.

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그림 1. 정보시스템 감리 수행 절차 Fig. 1. Information System Audit Process

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그림 2. 정보시스템 감리수행결과 보고서의 주요 내용 Fig. 2. Information System Audit Report Detail

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그림 3. 오류 분석 결과 및 주요 오류 원인 Fig. 3. Error Analytic result and Root Cause

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그림 4. 오류 사례 1(예시) Fig. 4. Error Example 1

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그림 5. 오류 사례 2(예시) Fig. 5. Error Example 2

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그림 6. 오류 사례 3(예시) Fig. 6. Error Example 3

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그림 7. 오류 사례 4(예시) Fig. 7. Error Example 4

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그림 8. 오류 사례 5(예시) Fig. 8. Error Example 5

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그림 9. 오류 사례 6(예시) Fig. 9. Error Example 6

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그림 10. 오류 사례 7(예시) Fig. 10. Error Example 7

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그림 11. 오류 사례 8(예시) Fig. 11. Error Example 8

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그림 12. 오류 사례 9(예시) Fig. 12. Error Example 9

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그림 14. 점검 리스트 (예시) Fig. 14. Check List (Example)

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그림 13. 오류 개선 방안 Fig. 13. Error Improvement Plan

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그림 15. 적용 결과 (예시) Fig. 15. Check Result (Example)


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