A Study on the Activation Plan of Play & Education Based on Focus Group Interview

FGI 분석을 통한 놀이교육 활성화 방안 연구

Park, Hye-Jin;Kim, Yong-Young

  • Received : 2019.01.15
  • Accepted : 2019.04.20
  • Published : 2019.04.28


Recently, a variety of programs for elementary school students that utilize play in their curricula are supported. In this study, we are trying to draw up ways to activate play education based on the elements necessary for the play education to be effectively provided on the field and the current operational status. In order to achieve the research goal, nine participants of play experts and parents were selected for the focus group interview (FGI). The FGI consist of five questions: (1) opinions on the establishment and joint operation of the organization to support play and parents' education; (2) opinions based on experience in participating in existing training programs; (3) activation plan of play & education program; (4) competencies required by members of the organization; (5) evaluation of program for quality improvement. Through the FGI survey, we drew ideas for the operation of play & education programs to promote positive growth and support systemic programs of both preschoolers and elementary students. In order for play & education to be active in the field of education, a center where play & education and parents' education can be conducted at the same time should be established and operated so that the education can be integrated with play. Based on these findings, we proposed follow-up research in the direction of achieving specific goals and enhancing the quality of play education.


Play & Education;Play Immersion;Play Worker;Parents;FGI