A Study on Portable Smart Tester for Fault Diagnosis of Electric Vehicle Charger

전기 자동차 충전기의 고장진단을 위한 휴대형 스마트 시험기에 관한 연구

  • 김철수 (호남대학교 미래자동차공학부) ;
  • 백수황 (호남대학교 미래자동차공학부)
  • Received : 2018.11.06
  • Accepted : 2019.02.15
  • Published : 2019.02.28


Recently, the development and dissemination of electric vehicles is increasing as a solution for carbon and emission reduction. In Korea, the supply of electric vehicles and the expansion of chargers are increasing rapidly every year under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment. In this paper, we study the portable smart test technology which enables quick check of charge related to faults in both electric car and charger to solve the problem of failure which is inevitable in the diffusion of electric car charger. To verify the normal operation of the communication protocol between the electric car and the charger, a hardware module and software were constructed, and a portable tester based on the international standard considering the V2G technology was developed and evaluated.

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그림 1. 휴대형 스마트 시험기의 하드웨어 구성도 Fig. 1 Hardware configuration of portable smart tester

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그림 2. 휴대형 스마트 시험기 시뮬레이터의 소프트웨어 구성도 Fig. 2 Software configuration diagram of portable smart tester simulator

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그림 3. SDP의 메시지 교환 과정 Fig. 3 Message exchange process of SDP

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그림 4. 어플리케이션 레이어의 메시지 교환 과정 Fig. 4 Message exchange process of application layer

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그림 5. 절연시험과 프리차징 Fig. 5 Insulation test and pre-charging

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그림 6. 에너지 전송요청 및 에너지 전송 Fig. 6 Request of energy transfer request and transmission

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그림 7. EV PLC 보드와 IEC61851-1 보드간의 통신 Fig. 7 Communication between EV PLC board and IEC61851-1 board

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그림 8. MCU 다이어그램 Fig. 8 Diagram of MCU

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그림 9. 전기 자동차 충전기의 고장진단을 위한 휴대형 스마트 시험기 Fig. 9 Portable smart tester for fault diagnosis of electric car charger

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그림 10. EV PLC control 보드 Fig. 10 EV PLC control board

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그림 11. IEC-61851-1 보드 Fig. 11 IEC-61851-1 board

표 1. 주요 하드웨어의 구성 Table 1. Configuration of major hardware

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표 2. 주요 소프트웨어의 구성 Table 2. Configuration of major software

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Supported by : 한국연구재단


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