A Study on the Factors Affecting Game Flow and Satisfaction in Mobile Game

모바일 게임에 대한 몰입과 만족도에 미치는 영향요인 연구

Lee, Jin Hyung;Kim, Chul Soo

  • Received : 2019.03.06
  • Accepted : 2019.03.29
  • Published : 2019.03.31


Purpose Research purpose is extraction of the factors affecting game flow and satisfaction in mobile game. Design/methodology/approach In mobile game, the factors affecting game flow were classified into three parts: mobile game platform characteristics, user cognition characteristics, and user individual characteristics through previous studies for existing online game and mobile game. In the research we extracted the factors as follows: the connectivity, usability, network speed, pleasure, service quality, relatedness, proficiency, self-fulfillment, early adopter tendency, and competitive spirit. Using the factors, we established research model and tested hypotheses empirically. This survey was conducted five months targeting from teenagers to fifties with mobile game experience. The questionnaire items were reconstructed according to the questionnaires of the present study or those newly developed by the game experts and total 56 items in the literature of Internet game, smartphone game, and mobile game based on the existing literature study respectively. Findings According to the analysis result, this study showed that ease of use, enjoyment, self - fulfillment and competitive spirit had a significant influence on user flow and also that service quality, proficiency and competitive spirit had a significant influence on user satisfaction in mobile games.


Mobile Game;User Cognition Characteristics;User Flow;Self-fulfillment


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