Building an Agrophotovoltaic System and Suggesting Activation Plans

영농형 태양광 발전 시스템 구축 및 활성화 방안 연구

Cho, Young Hyeok;Cho, Seok Jin;Kwon, Hyug Soo;Yoo, Dong Hee

  • Received : 2019.01.29
  • Accepted : 2019.03.05
  • Published : 2019.03.31


Purpose The purpose of this study is to explain the agrophotovolatic system built by the Korea South-East Power Company and to propose methods to activate the agrophotovolatic system for the development of the renewable energy industry. Design/methodology/approach We conducted a three-step simulation in order to design a photovoltaic module, and we built the agrophotovolatic system based on the results of the simulation. Then, we analyzed the monthly generation of power and the rice harvests produced on farmland using the photovoltaic module. Based on the results of the analysis, we proposed institutional improvements to increase the use of the agrophotovolatic system, and we proposed new business models to increase the participation of farmers and business persons. Findings When we compared the agrophotovolastic system with the general photovoltaic system, we found that the agrophotovoltaic system had higher utilization rates and power generation. An analysis of rice produced on farmland using the photovoltaic module showed that more than 80% of the rice produced on general farmland was harvested. We suggested activation plans that involved the revision of the farmland law and the introduction of renewable energy certificate (REC). We also proposed a land lease model and a farmer participation model as two new business models, and we conducted economic evaluations and sensitivity analyses for both models.


Agrophotovoltaic System;Photovoltaic Module Design;Farmland Law;Renewable Energy Certificates;Business Model