The Study of Koreans' Perception about Vietnam using Social Big Data

베트남에 대한 한국인의 인식 연구 : 소셜 빅데이터를 활용하여

Seo, Eun Hee;Lee, Jaeseong

  • Received : 2018.11.07
  • Accepted : 2019.01.03
  • Published : 2019.03.28


The purposes of the study are to investigate Koreans' perception about Vietnam by analyzing social big data and to seek changing direction in perception. For the purposes, the texts about Vietnam in Naver Blog and Twitter and the number of search and click for Vietnam in Naver were analyzed by Social Metrics of Daum Soft and Datalab of Naver. The study also analyzed the annual change of their interest in Vietnam based on social media. The results showed that Koreans still remember the Vietnam war, have a positive emotion toward Vietnam, and view Vietnam as a country where we can gain mutual benefit by exchange. The findings also indicated that Koreans perceive Vietnam as a favorite tourist spot regardless of age. Meanwhile, children under 12 showed a different pattern of an annual change in perception. It might be a positive sign that Koreans' interest region toward Vietnam would be diversified because children under 12 would be the central axis of cultural contents.


Vietnam;Korean;Perception;Age;Social Big Data


Supported by : 서울여자대학교