Autonomous swimming technology for an AUV operating in the underwater jacket structure environment

  • Li, Ji-Hong (Marine Robotics R&D Division, Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence) ;
  • Park, Daegil (Marine Robotics R&D Division, Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence) ;
  • Ki, Geonhui (Marine Robotics R&D Division, Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence)
  • Received : 2018.10.16
  • Accepted : 2019.02.19
  • Published : 2019.02.18


This paper presents the autonomous swimming technology developed for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) operating in the underwater jacket structure environment. To prevent the position divergence of the inertial navigation system constructed for the primary navigation solution for the vehicle, we've developed kinds of marker-recognition based underwater localization methods using both of optical and acoustic cameras. However, these two methods all require the artificial markers to be located near to the cameras mounted on the vehicle. Therefore, in the case of the vehicle far away from the structure where the markers are usually mounted on, we may need alternative position-aiding solution to guarantee the navigation accuracy. For this purpose, we develop a sonar image processing based underwater localization method using a Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) mounted in front of the vehicle. The primary purpose of this FLS is to detect the obstacles in front of the vehicle. According to the detected obstacle(s), we apply an Occupancy Grid Map (OGM) based path planning algorithm to derive an obstacle collision-free reference path. Experimental studies are carried out in the water tank and also in the Pohang Yeongilman port sea environment to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed autonomous swimming technology.


Grant : Development of Multi-sensor Fusion based AUV's Terminal Guidance and Docking Technology

Supported by : MOTIE, Agency for Defense Development (ADD)


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