Effects of Media and Personal Frames on Interpreting Newspaper Articles

미디어 프레임과 개인 프레임이 신문기사의 해석에 미치는 효과

  • Received : 2019.10.11
  • Accepted : 2019.11.17
  • Published : 2019.12.28


This study examined the effect of media and personal frames on readers' attitude towards newspaper articles and on their perceived fairness. Study 1 examined the frame effects with the issue of the Candlelit Protest in 2008 and Study 2 did with the issue of the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project. Results indicated that in both studies two frames had main effects on readers' attitude and yet their interaction was not significant. In both studies, effects of personal frame were partially significant on the perceived fairness of the article, but main effects of media frame and interaction effects between two frames were not significant. These findings demonstrated that readers' attitude towards newspaper articles and on their perceived fairness would be influenced by their headlines and their source along with their content.


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