Noise Evaluation of Turbo Fan Aircraft(C525) in the Airfield

비행장에서의 터보 팬 항공기(C525) 소음 평가

  • Received : 2018.09.13
  • Accepted : 2018.10.11
  • Published : 2018.10.28


Noise is unwanted sound and nerve jarring sound or mentally and physically harmful sound to the human body. In the 20th century, the aviation industry have been comprehensive industry of all areas and humanity have been globalized, the number of aircraft operated have been increased continuously. We confirmed that the actual measured noise data was consistent with the aircraft average noise data to calculate noise maps of INM version 7.0. and based on this, the actual flight scenarios and the noise map were created. For making the noise map, we assumed that the maximum number of flight is operated.


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