Protective effect of soursop (Annona muricata linn.) juice on oxidative stress in heat stressed rabbits

  • Jimoh, Olatunji Abubakar (Department of Agricultural Technology, Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti) ;
  • Ayedun, Eyanlola Soladoye (Department of Agricultural Technology, Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti) ;
  • Oyelade, Waheed Abimbola (Department of Science Technology, Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti) ;
  • Oloruntola, Olugbenga David (Department of Animal Science, Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko) ;
  • Daramola, Olajumoke Temidayo (Department of Agricultural Technology, Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti) ;
  • Ayodele, Simeon Olugbemiga (Department of Agricultural Technology, Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti) ;
  • Omoniyi, Idowu Samuel (Department of Agricultural Technology, Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti)
  • Received : 2018.09.25
  • Accepted : 2018.11.02
  • Published : 2018.11.30


Background: Preventing oxidative stress in heat stressed animals may be possible by increasing antioxidant defence via exogenous administration of antioxidant substrate and/or its precursors. The study aimed to investigate the effect of Soursop juice in mitigating oxidative stress induced by heat stress in rabbit. Methods: Sixty mixed breed rabbit bucks aged 12-18 months old with the average weight of $1826{\pm}8.35$ g/rabbit, randomly allotted to experimental treatments of four replicates each, in a completely randomized design during high-temperature humidity index in Ado Ekiti, Southwest Nigeria. Soursop juice (SSJ) was administered via oral drenched daily per kg body weight (BW), to designated treatment 1 to 5; $0.55mlkg^{-1}BW$ distilled water (control), $0.55mlkg^{-1}BW$ SSJ, $1.11mlkg^{-1}BW$ SSJ, $1.67mlkg^{-1}BW$ SSJ and $2.22mlkg^{-1}BW$ SSJ, respectively. Fastened blood samples were collected at days 28 and 56, and assay for serum protein, cholesterol, triglycerides, superoxide dismutase, catalase, reduced glutathione and lipid peroxidation using standard procedures. Result: Result revealed that SSJ demonstrated hypocholesterolemic effect in a dose-dependent manner throughout the study. Effect of chronic administration of SSJ to heat stressed rabbits proved beneficial, as SSJ reduced serum lipid peroxidation and enhanced antioxidant activity over 8 weeks. Conclusion: Administration of soursop juice to heat-stressed bucks at $2.22mlkg^{-1}BW$ offered optimum antioxidant defense against oxidative stress.


Antioxidants;Glutathione;Heat stress;Lipid peroxide;Rabbit;Soursop


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