An Exploratory Study on Regulatory Agencies' Behaviors Responding to Regulatory Resource Constraints

규제자원 제약에 대한 규제기관의 대응행태에 관한 시론적 연구

  • Published : 2018.12.31


Regulatory agencies' response to resource constraints is an important issue in terms of regulatory effectiveness, but systematic research is lacking. As an effort to overcome this limitation, this study was to explore behaviors of regulatory agencies in response to resource constraints. Reviewing the precedent studies based on regulatory and organizational theories, the study suggested the potential behaviors of regulatory agencies under resource constraints: changes in regulatory processes, changes in enforcement methods, decoupling, and regulatory delegation and contracting-out. The study also discussed the realistic explanations of the response behaviors partly through the case of marine transportation regulation, and explained the problems that the regulatory agency's behaviors could bring about. Based on the findings, the study suggested that the regulatory framework should be designed to ensure the effectiveness of the regulatory system in consideration of the regulatory agencies' behaviors under resource constraints. The study is expected to contribute to developing a theoretical analysis framework ultimately for an empirical study in the future.