A Study on the Development of Policy Communication Index between Korean Government and People: Focused on the Comparison of Policy Types

한국 정부-국민 간 정책소통지수개발 연구: 정책유형별 비교를 중심으로

  • Published : 2018.04.30


This study is aimed at articulating the policy communication concept and developing the policy communication index between the Korean government and the public. Theoretically guided by dialogic communication theory, two step research was employed. In the first stage, the elements of policy communication were derived through literature review and in-depth interviews. In the second stage, online survey was conducted for the general public and reliability and validity were secured through confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation model analysis. The finalized policy communication index has two dimensions of mutuality and openness. The mutuality has six sub dimensions and the openness has three sub dimensions. The level of mutuality and openness of the policy communication index differed according to the policy type. In the cultural policy, which represents the traits of distribution policy, the degree of mutuality was strong, but the degree of openness was important in communication of education policy, which represents the traits of redistribution policy. This study is meaningful as an empirical study that verifies and suggests the influence of the policy communication index in the context of the policy communication and practical applicability to strategic public relations by understanding the dimensions of policy communication.