Effect of the Preparation Method on the Activity of CeO2-promoted Co3O4 Catalysts for N2O Decomposition

촉매 제조방법에 따른 Co-CeO2 촉매의 N2O 분해 특성 연구

  • Received : 2018.03.02
  • Accepted : 2018.03.23
  • Published : 2018.09.28


This study investigated the influence of catalyst preparation on the activity of $Co-CeO_2$ catalyst for $N_2O$ decomposition. $Co-CeO_2$ catalysts were synthesized by co-precipitation and incipient wetness impregnation. In order to estimate the performance of the as prepared catalysts, direct catalytic $N_2O$ decomposition test was carried out under $250{\sim}375^{\circ}C$. As a result, the catalyst prepared by co-precipitation (CoCe-CP) showed an enhanced performance on $N_2O$ decomposition reaction even in the presence of $O_2$ and/or $H_2O$, whereas the impregnation catalyst (CoCe-IM) did not. In order to investigate the difference in catalytic activity, characterization such as XRD, BET, TEM, $H_2-TPR$, $O_2-TPD$, and XPS was conducted. It is confirmed that the particle size and specific surface area were changed depending on the catalyst preparation method and the synthesis process influenced the physical properties of the catalysts. In addition, the improvement in the activity of the catalyst prepared by co-precipitation is due to the enhanced reduction from $Co^{3+}$ to $Co^{2+}$ and the improved oxygen desorption rate. However, it has been confirmed that the surface electron state and binding energy, which are related to $N_2O$ decomposition, do not change depending on the preparation method.


$N_2O$ decomposition;Catalyst;Cobalt oxide;Cerium oxide;Impregnation;$Co_3O_4$;$CeO_2$


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