Dynamic Load Management Method for Spatial Data Stream Processing on MapReduce Online Frameworks

맵리듀스 온라인 프레임워크에서 공간 데이터 스트림 처리를 위한 동적 부하 관리 기법

  • Jeong, Weonil (Division of Computer and Information Engineering, Hose University)
  • 정원일 (호서대학교 컴퓨터정보공학부)
  • Received : 2018.04.13
  • Accepted : 2018.08.03
  • Published : 2018.08.31


As the spread of mobile devices equipped with various sensors and high-quality wireless network communications functionsexpands, the amount of spatio-temporal data generated from mobile devices in various service fields is rapidly increasing. In conventional research into processing a large amount of real-time spatio-temporal streams, it is very difficult to apply a Hadoop-based spatial big data system, designed to be a batch processing platform, to a real-time service for spatio-temporal data streams. This paper extends the MapReduce online framework to support real-time query processing for continuous-input, spatio-temporal data streams, and proposes a load management method to distribute overloads for efficient query processing. The proposed scheme shows a dynamic load balancing method for the nodes based on the inflow rate and the load factor of the input data based on the space partition. Experiments show that it is possible to support efficient query processing by distributing the spatial data stream in the corresponding area to the shared resources when load management in a specific area is required.


Spatial Big Data;Spatial Data Stream Processing;Load Management;Load Balance;MapReduce Online


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