Comparison of Accuracy for Autorefraction according to Measuring methods

측정방식에 따른 자동굴절검사의 정확도 비교

  • 정연홍 (국제대학교 안경광학과)
  • Received : 2018.05.28
  • Accepted : 2018.08.03
  • Published : 2018.08.31


In this study, the performance between subjective refraction and open-field/closed view autorefraction was estimated. We measured the refractive error of early adults aged 18 to 20 years who did not have eye disease. The differences between measurements obtained by subjective refraction and open-field autorefraction for SE, J0, and J45 were $-0.13{\pm}0.53D$ (p=0.17), $+0.33{\pm}0.68D$ (p=0.01), and $+0.13{\pm}0.68D$ (p=0.26), respectively, with only J0 differing significantly. The differences between the measurements of subjective refraction and closed-view autorefraction for SE, J0, and J45 were $-0.30{\pm}0.42D$ (p=0.00), $+0.30{\pm}0.71D$ (p=0.02), and $-0.02{\pm}0.63D$ (p=0.88), respectively, with only SE and J0 differing significantly. The coefficient of accuracy for SE, J0, and J45 components of open-field and closed-view autorefraction were 1.04, 1.33, and 1.34 and 0.83, 1.40, and 1.24, respectively. It is possible to predict the refractive error, which is necessary when deciding on subjective refraction, by measuring the objective refraction of open-field/closed view autorefractors.


Refractive error;Subjective refraction;Objective refraction;Open-field autorefractor;Closed-view autorefractor


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