Analysis of Increasing the Conduction of V2O5 Thin Film on SiO2 Thin Film

SiO2 절연박막에 의해서 바나듐옥사이드 박막이 전도성이 높아지는 원인분석

  • Oh, Teresa (Division of Semiconductor Engineering, Cheongju University)
  • Received : 2018.05.29
  • Accepted : 2018.08.03
  • Published : 2018.08.31


Generally. the Ohmic's law is an important factor to increase the conductivity in a micro device. So it is also known that the Ohmic contact in a semiconductor device is import. The PN junction as a structure of semiconductor involves the depletion layer, and this depletion layer induces the non linear electrical properties and also makes the Schottky contact as an intrinsic characteristics of semiconductor. To research the conduction effect of insulators in the semiconductor device, $SiO_2$ thin film and $V_2O_5/SiO_2$ thin film were researched by using the current-voltage system. In the nano electro-magnetic system, the $SiO_2$ thin film as a insulator had the non linear Schottky contact, and the as deposited $V_2O_5$ thin film had the linear Ohmic contact owing to the $SiO_2$ thin film with superior insulator's properties, which decreases the leakage current. In the positive voltage, the capacitance of $SiO_2$ thin film was very low, but that of $V_2O_5$ thin film increased with increasing the voltage. In the normal electric field system, it was confirmed that the conductivity of $V_2O_5$ thin film was increased by the effect of $SiO_2$ thin film. It was confirmed that the Schottky contact of semiconductors enhanced the performance of electrical properties to increased the conductivity.


$V_2O_5$;$SiO_2$;Schottky contact;Ohmic contact;PN junction


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