Webtoon era, current status of and development measures for cartoon education - Focusing on college comics education -

웹툰 시대, 만화교육의 현황과 발전 방안 연구 - 대학만화교육을 중심으로 -

  • Received : 2018.05.01
  • Accepted : 2018.06.21
  • Published : 2018.06.30


The domestic cartoon industry has went through rapid reformation since 2010 incurred by the emergence of webtoon. Most of the students in cartoon schools long to become webtoonists rather than published cartoonists. Cartoon education in middle and high schools rather focuses on webtoons. The growth of webtoons in private education, excluding college entrance examination, is even more promising. In the same train of thought, the number of webtoon private education institution has surged exponentially. Despite provincial colleges experiencing difficulty due to the lack of the student population, the competition for cartoon admission is intensifying. However, college education often maintains curriculums that do not relate to the on-site demands. Cartoon education in the past was mostly carried out through apprenticeship programs. However such programs began to disappear as college education became more common and as people embraced the emergence of webtoons. Instead collective education and author debut programs replaced the old system. Individualization of education is exacerbating as digital writing tools allow individual webtoonists to publish their works on a weekly basis. The background of the growth of webtoon education can obviously be explained by the growth of the market but there are aspects that can't be explained in such a simple manner. This study examines the current webtoon education status and discusses possible methodological and formation development measures for the future. The introduction examines the change in education and market. The main subject examines the current secondary schools and universities cartoon education and conducts a comprehensive study on the various education related changes. This study proposes future directions for universities by looking at the webtoon era and education changes in the conclusion. It also researched how the units of college cartoon education will fuse and deduct practical results via government policies.


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