Characteristics of NO and NO2 at Roadside and Urban Residential Locations in Busan

부산 지역 도로변과 주거지역의 NO와 NO2 농도 특성

  • Jeon, Byung-Il (Department of Environmental Engineering, Silla University)
  • 전병일 (신라대학교 에너지화학공학부)
  • Received : 2018.05.01
  • Accepted : 2018.06.18
  • Published : 2018.07.31


This research investigated the characteristics of NO and $NO_2$ concentration at roadside (Choryangdong) and residential (Sujeongdong) locations in Busan. The NO concentration at roadside and residential were 34.7 and 8.0 ppb, respectively, and $NO_2$ at roadside and residential were 31.6 and $18.0ppb\;{\mu}g/m^3$, respectively. The NO concentration was the highest in winter at roadside at 37.1 ppb, followed by 35.0 ppb and 34.0 ppb in summer and fall, respectively. $NO_2$ concentration was the highest in spring at roadside at 39.6 ppb, followed by 30.4 ppb and 28.3 ppb in fall and winter, respectively. Number of exceedances per year of 1 hr limit value (0.10 ppm) for $NO_2$ at roadside and residential were 3,585 and 3 hours, respectively. Number of exceedances per year of 24 hr limit value (0.06 ppm) for $NO_2$ at roadside and residential were 32 and 1 days, respectively. Number of exceedances per year of 1 hr limit value (0.1 ppm) for $O_3$ at roadside and residential were 1 and 14 days, respectively. These results indicated that understanding the relationship between roadside and residential could provide insight into establishing a strategy to control urban air quality.


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