The effects of ethical decision making factors on vocational ethics and job satisfaction of firefighters

윤리적 의사결정 영향요인이 소방공무원의 직업윤리의식과 직무만족에 미치는 영향

  • 최보람 (우송대학교 응급구조학과) ;
  • 김진현 (충청소방학교 교수운영과)
  • Received : 2018.03.16
  • Accepted : 2018.04.15
  • Published : 2018.04.30


Purpose: The purpose of the study was to analyze the effects of ethical decision making factors on vocational ethics and job satisfaction of firefighters and to provide basic data to promote appropriate vocational ethics and improve job satisfaction. Methods: A self-reported questionnaire was filled out by firefighters in D metropolitan area from May 7 to 15, 2017. A total of 410 data were analyzed using SPSS 24.0 program. Results: Among influential factors of ethical decision making, "ethical environment of organization"(${\beta}=.266$), "coworkers' influence" (${\beta}=.216$), and "managers' ethical competence" (${\beta}=.148$), 'compensation and punishment'(${\beta}=.097$) had a positive effect on vocational ethics, while "coworkers' influence" (${\beta}=.281$), "ethical environment of organization" (${\beta}=.274$), and "managers' ethical competence" (${\beta}=.143$) had a positive effect on job satisfaction. Vocational ethics was found to have a significantly positive effect on job satisfaction (B=.657, t=8.802, p=.000). Conclusion: It is necessary to promote vocational ethics for improvement of firefighters' job satisfaction, and appropriate ethics education should be provided. It is important to actively manage the factors affecting ethical decision making.


Firefighters;Vocational ethics;Job satisfaction


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