A Study for Lifetime Predition of Expansion Joint Using HILS

HILS 기법을 적용한 신축관 이음 수명예측에 관한 연구

  • Oh, Jung-Soo (Division of Machinery Testing Center, korea Testing Certification) ;
  • Cho, Sueng-Hyun (Division of Machinery Testing Center, korea Testing Certification)
  • 오정수 (한국기계전기전자시험연구원 기계금속센터) ;
  • 조승현 (한국기계전기전자시험연구원 기계금속센터)
  • Received : 2018.01.31
  • Accepted : 2018.04.06
  • Published : 2018.04.30


This study used HILS to test an expansion joint, which is vulnerable to the water hammer effect. The operation data for the HIL simulator was the length rate of the expansion joint by the water hammer, which was used for life prediction based on the vibration durability. For the vibration durability test, the internal pressure of the expansion joint was assumed to be a factor of the durability life, and the lifetime prediction model equation was obtained by curve fitting the lifetime data at each pressure. During the test, the major failure modes of crack and water leakage occurred on the surface of the bellows part. The lifetime prediction model typically follows an inverse power law model. The pressure is a stress factor, and the model is effective in only a specific environment. Therefore, another stress factor such as temperature will be added and considered for a mixed lifetime prediction model in the future.


Expansion joint;HILS;Lifetime Prediction;Vibration durability;Vibration reproducing;Waterhammer


Supported by : 국토교통부


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