A Study on the Coupler for Interoperability of Freight Railway Car between Korea, China and Russia

한국, 중국 및 러시아 화물철도 차량 상호운영을 위한 연결기 연구

  • 천준호 (리앤테크(주) 기술연구소)
  • Received : 2018.01.11
  • Accepted : 2018.04.06
  • Published : 2018.04.30


Recently, the importance of the northeast economies including Russia has been growing, and according to the Eurasian initiative policy, the enhancement of transportation, logistics and connectivity between the northeast Asian countries is emerging as one of the challenges for future growth. However, due to the different vehicle systems used in each country, the railway connections between countries are not operating smoothly. Especially, the couplers of the railway cars which pass through the countries of northeast Asia including Russia have different regulations, which render their shape and characteristics incompatible. In this study, we propose a method of interconnecting the AAR type coupler used in Korea and China and the CA-3 type coupler compatible with the Russian GOST standard, and verify that its structural safety conforms with each set of regulations. We analyze the possibilities offered by this method of interconnection by performing tests while developing materials satisfying the mechanical properties required for the freight coupler.


Coupler;Coupler adapter;Freight car;Interoperability;Variable Coupler


Supported by : 국토교통과학기술진흥원


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