A Study on Expression of Contemporary Ceramic Decoration Using Pop Art

팝아트 기법을 활용한 현대 도자 장식 표현 연구

  • 최정화 (서울과학기술대학교 IT디자인융합전공) ;
  • 최윤정 (공주대학교 조형디자인학부)
  • Received : 2018.08.22
  • Accepted : 2018.11.20
  • Published : 2018.11.28


The purpose of this study is to analyze the historical background and characteristics of pop art style and motif expressions in the works of artists by analyzing the theoretical study of pop art and analyze how the expression characteristics are applied to ceramic works. As a result of the analysis of the work, various images of everyday objects in popular culture are expressed in various ways such as bright and colorful colors, silk screen, lettering, photo montage, cartoon expression, object, collage, decoupage, It is believed that the art of ceramics will be created as a creative work that reinterprets the artistic value rather than reproducing the art based on the technique of pop art. I look forward to the development.

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Fig. 1. Campbell’s Soup Cans. Andy Warhol. 1953.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0002.png 이미지

Fig. 3. Retroactive I. Robert Rauschenberg. 1964.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0003.png 이미지

Fig. 5. Look Mickey. Roy Lichtenstein. 1961.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0004.png 이미지

Fig. 8. Flag. Jaster Johns. 1967.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0005.png 이미지

Fig. 9. USA Series, James Dean. Peter Blake. 2013.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0006.png 이미지

Fig. 11. The Last Supper Ghost. Howard Kottler. 1972.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0007.png 이미지

Fig. 13. Head with Blue Shadow. Roy Lichtenstein. 1965.

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Fig. 15. Homage to Kusama, Kim Jae Yong. 2017.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0009.png 이미지

Fig. 17. The record of 2014(1-100). Yoo Eui Jung. 2014.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0010.png 이미지

Fig. 19. Red House of Cards with Teddy's Poem, Richard Shaw. 2009.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0011.png 이미지

Fig. 21. Sex, Drugs and Earthenware. Grayson Perry. 1995.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0012.png 이미지

Fig. 23. Box Coca Cola 15. Kimiyo Mishima. 2015.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0013.png 이미지

Fig. 25. Manga Ormolu ver. 5.0-b. Brendan Lee. 2009.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0014.png 이미지

Fig. 27. It's Uneasy Even Being in the World. Hinoda Takashi. 2005.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0015.png 이미지

Fig. 2. Marilyn Monroe. Andy Warhol. 1960.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0016.png 이미지

Fig. 4. Bed. Robert Rauschenberg. 1955.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0017.png 이미지

Fig. 6. M-Maybe, Roy Lichtenstein. 1965.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0018.png 이미지

Fig. 7. 0 through 9. Jaster Johns. 1961.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0019.png 이미지

Fig. 10. Gettin' In Over My Head. Peter Blake. 2004.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0020.png 이미지

Fig. 12. Peace March. Howard Kottler. 1967.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0021.png 이미지

Fig. 14. ceramic sculpture #10. Roy Lichtenstein. 1965.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0022.png 이미지

Fig. 16. Donut Soup by the Half Dozen, Kim Jae Yong. 2016.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0023.png 이미지

Fig. 18. Big-Mc. Yoo Eui Jung. 2010.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0024.png 이미지

Fig. 20. Book Jar with Apple and Leaf. Richard Shaw. 2001.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0025.png 이미지

Fig. 22. elf-conscious : Puff Piece. Grayson Perry. 2016.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0026.png 이미지

Fig. 24. Large trash can 15. Kimiyo Mishima. 2012.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0027.png 이미지

Fig. 26. Manga Ormolu Ver. 4.0-m. Brendan Lee. 2011.

DJTJBT_2018_v16n11_447_f0028.png 이미지

Fig. 28. The removal of the throne. Hinoda Takashi. 2008.

Table 1. An Artist's Using the Expressional Characteristics of Pop Art

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