Development of Planar Active Phased Array Antenna for Detecting and Tracking Radar

화포탐지 레이다용 C-대역 평면형 능동위상배열 안테나 개발

  • Kim, Ki-Ho ;
  • Kim, Hyun ;
  • Kim, Dong-Yoon ;
  • Jin, Hyung-Suk
  • 김기호 ;
  • 김현 ;
  • 김동윤 ;
  • 진형석
  • Received : 2018.09.10
  • Accepted : 2018.12.12
  • Published : 2018.12.31


This paper describes the development and measurement results of C-band planar active phase array antenna for detecting and tracking radar(weapon-locating radar). The antenna is designed with 14 sub-arrays(12 main channels and 2 sidelobe blanking channels and approximately 3,000 elements of transmit-receive channel) to generate transmit and digital receive patterns. Using a near-field measurements facility, G/N, transmit patterns, and received patterns are measured. Receive patterns are implemented with digital beamforming by signal processing. The measurement results demonstrate that antenna design specifications were fulfilled.


Planar Active Phased Array Antenna;Near-Field Measurement;Digital Beam Forming


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